Nutrition Services

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Initial Nutrition Consultation

In this initial session, we’ll discuss your lifestyle, medical needs, and personal goals, as well as your current eating habits and preferences.  Together we’ll discuss the basics of nutrition and establish a course of action to help you meet your nutrition goals.

Grocery Tour & Pantry Makeover

Preparing healthy meals begins with having the right ingredients in your home.  We know the grocery store can be an overwhelming place, but with helpful shopping tips and tricks, you’ll have a full and organized pantry that will help you stick to your healthy eating plan!

Weight Loss & Maintenance

Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, you will receive expert advice and support to help you achieve your goals.  Learn how to overcome individual hurdles, make sustainable lifestyle changes, and to fit a healthy eating plan into your daily life – all while loving your food at the same time!

Meal Planning & Recipe Makeovers

We’ll determine your specific calorie and nutrient needs and develop a customized meal plan that you can easily fit into your lifestyle. You’ll learn how to make modifications to your favorite recipes, so that you can create healthier versions of the foods you love.

Kitchen Revamp

Having an environment in your home that is conducive to healthy cooking and meal preparation is essential. Kimberly will help you clean, organize, and stock your kitchen so that you are set up for success! Cooking should be a fun experience. Let Kimberly revamp your kitchen so that you can enjoy cooking your healthy meals!

Consulting & Media Services
Kimberly is available to conduct interviews for print, online, and on-air media, to serve as a contributing writer or expert, and is happy to partner on various social media campaigns.  As an expert in the field, she is able to consult your company on a variety of nutrition-related topics.