Monday Meals Recap

My husband and I are big fans of the show Game of Thrones so on Sunday we went to a friends house to bbq and watch the season finale. On our way to our friends house we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some food to grill and I waited in the car with our dog, Nelson. My husband came back with a steak as big as my head. As much as I enjoyed our steak, I decided that we needed to follow it up with a meatless Monday. Keep on reading to see how I do a meatless Monday!

Breakfast: On Saturday morning I made a veggie frittata for Andrew and I to use up some leftover produce we had in our fridge. My frittata contained spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, shallot, feta cheese, and red pepper flakes. Fast forward to Monday morning and we still had about half of the frittata leftover. I warmed up a piece and topped it with avocado and salsa. These leftovers made Monday morning a little easier and delicious!


Lunch: We were excited to hear that Whole Foods prices were expected to go down due to it’s acquisition by Amazon. We decided to postpone our Sunday grocery shopping trip to Monday in order to check out the new prices. I am excited to report that we found avocados, bananas, whole chickens, and eggs were all cheaper than before! 

By the time I sat down for lunch I was starving! I needed to get my grocery shopping done but I knew shopping on an empty stomach was a BAD idea. Therefore, as soon as I got to Whole Foods I ordered their jackfruit burrito bowl, which I had never tried before. OBSESSED! So good that I will be experimenting with jackfruit some more in the future!


Snack: As soon as I unpacked my groceries I had to head downtown to meet with a couple clients. Between sessions I had one of my go-to snacks, the black cherry 2% Siggis yogurt. This helped me stay energized and full until dinner.


Dinner: Andrew was nice enough to make dinner since I didn’t get home until around 7 pm. We were trying the Beyond Meat burgers for the first time. They are super quick to make as you just grill them for 3 minutes on each side. I ate mine with a slice of tomato and guacamole on a pretzel roll. This is definitely going to be a new staple of ours. We had greek salad and baked sweet potatoes as sides. You really couldn’t ask for an easier meal for meatless Monday. Thanks Bonnie and Tracy for the recommendation! Each burger has 20 grams of protein from a pea protein isolate and is 290 calories. It even got my husband’s stamp of approval (the one who purchased the huge steak on Sunday)!


Check back tomorrow, as I’m discussing the benefits of three of my favorite things – smoothies, smoothie bowls, and soup!

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  1. Sally Brodziak

    Definitely going to try those burgers!

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