Monday Meals Recap

Monday Meals Recap is here! This Monday I didn’t feel very hungry, which I attribute to the fact that I have been taking a few days off from exercising due to a small foot injury. However, I did relearn a valuable lesson. Since I wasn’t hungry I decided to skip one of my usual snacks. I’m always telling client to make sure they eat every 3-4 hours to stay ahead of their hunger. Waiting too long to eat between meals can lead you to overeat at mealtimes since you feel so hungry. However, I forgot my own advise and skipped a snack which lead me to eat an unknown amount (but a lot) of popcorn while cooking dinner. Obviously, this isn’t the worst thing to happen but it’s good to be aware of our eating behavior so that when you splurge or fall out of your healthy routine you know how to get back on track and avoid your pitfalls or temptations in the future.

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Breakfast: After teaching my 7:15 am class at Shred415 South Loop, I made breakfast around 9 am. I tossed 1 banana, 2 eggs, and 1 scoop of the PerfectFit protein powder from Tone It Up in the blender to make a protein packed pancake batter. I drizzled some almond butter on top and ended up eating 2 pancakes and giving my husband the remaining 2 pancakes. I’m planning on trying this recipe with chia and/or flax eggs in the future and will let you know how that works out!

Lunch: My lunch was leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner. I had made ribollita soup from The Art of Eating Well cookbook by Hemsley + Hemsley. I LOVE soup and this recipe did not disappoint. It’s vegetarian, delicious, and I highly recommend it!IMG_8232.JPG

Snack: I had a client meeting in the afternoon and brought along the blueberry RXbar, which I had picked up at Shred415 that morning. I was so glad I had stashed this in my bag because I was starving on my bus ride home. Skipping my morning snack was starting to catch up with me. When I got home I also chowed down on Skinny Pop popcorn.IMG_8225

Dinner: For dinner I made another recipe from The Art of Eating Well cookbook by Hemsley + Hemsley. Andrew and I love curry so I decided to try their Malaysian lentil and squash curry. We had some leftover zucchinis in the refrigerator, which I substituted for the squash. I also learned that red lentils are the quickest cooking lentils that don’t need to be soaked, which is great to know for quick, weeknight meals! I loved the dynamic flavor of this curry and it made plenty so we have enough to freeze for the future and enough for lunch on Tuesday! IMG_8238.jpg

There you have it, my third installment of Monday Meals! If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!

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