Monday Meals Recap

It’s week 2 of my Monday Meals Recap. This Monday was a more typical start to my week. I have finally gotten back into the swing of things after my vacation. I went grocery shopping on Sunday after meal planning for the week. I would like to preface this week’s post by saying that I don’t claim to eat “perfectly”. In fact, there is no such things as a “perfect” diet. Everyone is different and I am sharing what personally works for me. My goal is to provide ideas and a basic template for what a balance meal/day might look like. If you have specific questions about what you should be eating or why I eat what I eat, feel free to contact me or comment below!

Snack: My day actually started with a snack at 6:30 am as I ate half of a gomacro bar and drank my coffee on the way to teach my 7:15 am class at Shred415 South Loop. This was my first time trying the gomacro bar and I purchased it on a whim at Real Good Juice Co. on Sunday. I had the banana + almond butter prolonged power bar and I’ll definitely be purchasing this again in the future! It was so yummy. I ate half prior to teaching at around 6:30 am and half of the bar right after my workout at about 9:30 am. Each bar provides 270 calories, 12 grams fat, 34 grams carbs, and 10 grams protein.


Breakfast: I finally sat down to have my breakfast, around 10:30 am. I poached 2 eggs and ate them with a slice of fresh farmers market bread I purchased from the Wicker Park farmer’s market on Sunday. I drizzled some salsa on top for some spice. The 2 poached eggs together provide 150 calories, 12 grams of protein, 10 grams fat, and less than 1 carb. My slice of bread contained jalapeños and cheese so it’s hard to know the nutrition information exactly. Based off a regular slice of white bread we can assume it provided 100 calories, 3 grams protein, 1 gram fat, and 20 carbs. I also made My Matcha smoothie, which if you haven’t tried yet you should check out soon!


Snack 1: At around 12:30 pm at a few olives because they are delicious! They are also super salty so I recommend watching your portions and drinking water. I ate my olives with a glass of water, which I flavored with juice from half a lemon and a packet of marine vital proteins.IMG_8159-858809743-1502816381788.jpg

Lunch: I had a late lunch but it was super easy because all I had to do was reheat some salmon and drizzle red wine vinegar on my greek salad. I am a big fan of leftovers. I know that some people hate leftovers but I have found that embracing leftovers has made my life so much easier! On Sunday night we made extra of my grilled cedar salmon and greek salad so I knew we were all set for lunch on Monday. The one trick to leftovers is making sure you don’t eat the extra food the night before! PRO TIP: Before you even start eating your meal the night before, put your leftovers away so you aren’t tempted to eat them!IMG_8174.png

Snack 2: At around 4:30 pm I had a Siggi’s 2% yogurt that I topped with my granola. I like to have yogurt as a snack because I don’t eat a lot of dairy and this is one of my main sources of calcium. I love the Siggi’s brand as their yogurt always contains more protein than sugar. Whenever you buy yogurt, make sure to look how much sugar it contains – this might surprise you!IMG_8164
Dinner: Last night we had a little debacle where my husband lost his phone, located his phone, and then we had to go retrieve the phone. Anyways, we ended up eating much later than we planned so I went with one of my go-to easy, quick meals. I made my favorite kale salad as I had planned to use the leftovers for lunch for the rest of the week. Kale can be an acquired taste but I love it because it makes the best salad for leftovers. Kale’s hardy texture allows you to put salad dressing on the salad and it will hold for a few days afterwards. Not to mention it is densely packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, A, K, and calcium. Along with the salad, I baked chicken and made enough chicken to slice up the leftovers and add it to the kale salad for lunch the next day. IMG_8167

ALSO, since Mondays can be rough and sometimes I just need a little extra something with my dinner, this week, instead of wine, I had a glass of kombucha. Each bottle contains 2 servings so even though they are a little pricey you can stretch them out to last two nights. Kombucha is fermented tea that contains bacteria shown to improve gut health similar to probiotic supplements.


There you have it, my second installment of Monday Meals! If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! Check back in tomorrow, as I will be posting about FATS and my opinion on the big coconut oil debate!

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